My name is IMRAN & i am an IDIOT

The country has seen numerous idiots making it to the mainstream, be it actresses like Mathira or late Qandeel, anchors like Kiran Aftab or Neelam Aslam, Singers like Taher Shah or Rabi Pirzada , entertainers like Amir Liaquat or Bilal Qutub, politicians like Talal Chaudhry, Naeem ul Haq or Danial Aziz and pseudo journalists like Meher Abbasi or Mubashir Lucman. Its unfortunate to say so that an ex cricketer has earned a towering name in being an idiot and has some how made it to the mainstream politics.He ridicules everyone but ridicules him self more than anyone else.

All these people,with all their dumbness and idiocy combined cannot match even half the idiocy ,impatience, senselessness ,immaturity, stupidity and absurdity of The Great Imran Khan !! 
Just today,this idiot appears on our television screens and starts criticizing the judiciary on a sub judice matter,not only does he raise questions but also tries to dictate the judiciary on what should be done.This is the finest example of a dictatorial attitude. Imagine what this drug addict would do when he comes into power. He wants control over the judiciary too, I mean seriously ? 
Just when his people needed him the most and he should have been with them on the roads , he was having fun in his house with his party leadership. His workers were being arrested, beaten and tortured throughout the day. He kept quite for the entire day and appeared on TV at around 5pm. He spoke to the media , cursed Nawaz and his administration,dictated the honorable judges, refused to join Shaikh Rahseed’s gathering and said that we are looking forward to Nov the 2nd, that’s when we will demonstrate our strength. It looks more like a plan and he looks more like a party to it.
When a female reporter from Geo , told him about how his men treated her and slapped the cameraman, he was laughing at her helplessness and told her to raise their reporting standards. He meant that if you don’t report in my favor and if you fail to project me as a real leader, you’d see the consequences. Isn’t it an indication that his tigers may turn violent if ordered? and we all know how his tigers treat women, perhaps they follow the leader in every walk of life.
Imran, knows that he will be rejected in the coming elections and that is why he cannot wait for it and wants some backdoor solution where he could come into power and throw this current regime away. He wants people to be detained and killed. Just a few days ago he said that I will try to contain the amount of casualties during our movement, it is evident that he doesn’t mind people getting killed, he rather wants it. And you still consider him a leader , a Savior ??? I consider it to be the height of idiocy and this man as the greatest idiot this world has ever seen. 
The most incompetent, corrupt, sluggish and inefficient government is that of Nawaz Sharif, but trust me if this drug addict comes into power you’d start comparing him with Pharaoh, Namrood and the rest of the worst rulers !!! Trust me Nawaz Sharif is a lesser of an evil as compared to this maniac !!!
Ahmed Ashfaq.

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Pakistan military blames India for LoC tension escalations

S​ource: Xinhua 2016-10-06 23:04:42 ISLAMABAD, Oct. 6 (Xinhua) — 

The Pakistani military blamed Indian forces for the current cross Line of Control (LoC) tension escalations, and added that Pakistan has prepared its own contingency plan to deal with any situation, according to an army spokesman here on Thursday.

Lt. General Asim Bajwa, director-general of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), told Xinhua in an exclusive interview at the ISPR headquarters in Rawalpindi that it was Indian troops who have initiated violation of 2003 ceasefire along the LoC, which divide the nuclear rivals in the disputed Kashmir region.

“The Indian forces violated the Line of Control by fire and then few hours later they made a false claim about surgical strikes’ across the Line of Control. We did check everything on ground and we found the claim was absolutely false,” the army spokesman said in his first ever formal interview with a foreign media since the tension escalated on early Sept. 29.

He further said Indian forces fired into the Pakistani side everyday since then, adding that the Indian fire came to a maximum on Wednesday as they fired over 25,000 rounds with small arms — rifles and machine-guns as well as mortars.

“What we see is that there is more intensified firing along the LoC, and of course, when there is more fire, the situation does escalate. The environment also escalates when there is more rhetoric and more statement and more pronouncements” by the Indian side, Bajwa said.

His comments came amid cross LoC firing started in early hours on Sept. 29 in the wake of a deadliest attack on a military base at Uri in the Indian-controlled Kashmir on Sept. 18.

No group has claimed the Uri attack. India said death toll from the attack reached 19 and has blamed Pakistan for the incident. But Islamabad denied the Indian accusation.

At least two Pakistani soldiers have been killed while nine injured in the Indian firing over the past week, the general said, adding that some eight civilians were also injured in the Indian shelling.

Meanwhile, the army spokesman emphasized the importance of resolving current tension through dialogue. He said contacts between Pakistani and Indian armies are maintained, confirming that the Director Generals of the Military Operations have talked over the phone after the start of the cross LoC firing.

All communication channels including the hotline between the two militaries are open,” he said, adding that the UN Military Observer Group in Pakistan and India also monitor the situation and report to its headquarters.

Pakistan wants peacefully neighborly relations with all countries in the region and that is the policy of the state of Pakistan and that is the policy of the political government and every element of power in the country follows the same policy,” said Bajwa.

On Wednesday, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told the parliament that his country wants to resolve disputes with Indian through dialogue. Meanwhile he said that “Pakistan is a responsible state, but its desire of peace should not be considered as its weakness,” adding that the armed forces are capable of thwarting any foreign aggression effectively.

As the tensions continued over the past days, New Delhi has refused to attend a regional summit in Islamabad that was to be held in November. The conference has been postponed after India’s refusal. Earlier, India also suspended talks with Pakistan after an attack in January on an Indian airbase in Pathankot.

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Welcome to the [Real] World boys

​Finally the Indian stars have tweeted in support for Indian troops,

“It is shameful from the Pakistani actors to not show support for Pakistani troops.”

I assume the one film wonders want to hide under the money and little fame they made from India and do not want to jeopardise their relationship with their Indian godfathers .
Welcome to the real world boys

Twitter: @mshaanshahid

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A proposal for cultural division of India & Pakistan

​As I write this, I’m listening to Tina Sani singing Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s “Mere Dil Mere Musafir”. The news has just broken. There is nothing new about it. Indian Motion Pictures Association has passed a resolution to ban Pakistani Artists in India, only temporarily so that they can be a part of the jingoist mela. Essel Group Chairman and Rajya Sabha MP (why he is that, I don’t know) Subhash Chandra announced pulling out Pakistani TV shows from Zindagi channel as his chant of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”. He further added that he requested Pakistani actors to condemn Uri Attack but they didn’t (Anti-nationals, chase them back). Also girls, Fawad Khan has left. And Atif Aslam’s Gurgaon (no, Gurugram) concert has been cancelled. Meanwhile Lahore Cinema announced boycotting of Indian movies as their part of Pakistan Zindabad. Well, merry times for everyone. War rooms are set up in news studios, both here and there (cute, na?). Open letters buzzing everywhere.

I feel really anti-national as my playlist has just gone to Mehdi Hassan singing Ranjish Hi Sahi written by Ahmad Faraz (Damn, both Pakistanis). It has not been a week to the Finale episode to Coke Studio Season 9 (our little love exchange platform), especially the last performance of Amjad Sabri shook us all. He and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan together performed the very famous qalaam of Amir Khusro, Aaj Rang Hai. How dare they? He is Amir Khusro, Tuti-E-Hind (Parrot of Hind devoid of Sindh). Also Nizam is our Mehboob-e-Ilahi, not yours. And some of the anti-nationals here keep on singing Baba Bulley Shah all the time. But we can because Akhand Bharat. Now you see Shahbaz Qalandar, yes Jhoolelal, this Pakistani guy Sindhis keep on celebrating (Indian Mujahirs). Let us pass a resolution not to sing “Damadam Mast Qalandar” ever. It is time we divide Sufism now, of course territorially. Can we do that or do we have to call a British guy? However there are practical problems. For example, Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad are flag-bearers of Dilli Gharana (tracing roots to earliest disciples of Amir Khusro) but they are Pakistanis. And Ghulam Hassan Shaggan from Gwalior Gharana is Pride of Performance and Sitara-e-Imtiaz of Pakistan. And the Mitwa singer, Shafqat Amanat Ali belongs to Patiala Gharana. Now what to do? We will probably need a British.

Okay now Abida Parveen is singing Asghar Gondvi’s “Zahid ne mera hasil-e-imaan nahi dekha” in my laptop, see her audacity to have done albums on Ghalib. Earlier in the day also, I was being all anti-national listening to Parvin Shakir and Faiz Ahmed Faiz. This is quite a confession but I own some inflammatory literature by these Pakistani writers. About Manto and Faiz, these guys are strange. They chose to leave the paradise to be persecuted in Pakistan (p, alliteration). No “Bol ki lab aazaad hain” and “Hum Dekhenge”. It boils my blood when Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan or Rafaqat Ali Khan sang “Saanson Ki Maala Par”. Let us be unequivocal about banning them from singing Meera Bai and Kabeer. Also why did Pakistani government has to felicitate Amrita Pritam. We need to appoint a committee to look into this. The good thing about all of this is that we could probably pick out these points when we want to make a speech about peace and stuff at these conferences and cultural festivals. Sometimes it feels like writing answers in exams. What are the problems with agriculture in India? Disguised unemployment. What are the advantages of practicing agriculture in India? Large manpower. Anyway right now, the season is that of increasing marginal utility of hatred, so let us ask for war.

Coming back, the playlist has now reached “Tu reh naward-e-shauq hai” by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. I know Iqbal is the fasaad ki jad but he is a great poet. To hell with poetry! The case of Allama Iqbal is curious. Born and died in India but envisioned this permanent headache giving State called Pakistan. Such a traitor (too much Shikwa and no one for Jawaab-e-Shikwa). And the greatest irony is that he wrote “Saare Jahaan se Achchha Hindustan HUMARA”. We have to stop saying “Khudi ko kar buland itna…” in every stupid motivation-giving lecture. However the position of Ghalib, Mir, Dagh, Firaq, Majaz and Momin is clearer. The case of Josh is different. The government of India should make sure that no Pakistani singer sings them or reads them. If need be, use the army. Also opposition, here is an attractive promise! We also have to divide the folklores and love stories all over. The government is requested to look into that.

Here is Iqbal Bano singing Qatil Shifai on my laptop (in the pre-Pakistani music ban era in India). The Hindu mythology, it is the best. The only problem is cannot be accomplished without the kingdoms of Darada, Gandhara, Kasmira, Kamboja, Bahlika, Madra, Kekaya, Amvastha, Sivi and Sauvira. What do they know about the pious land they are dwelling on. And the much talked about Lahore, Lord Luv’s kingdom, why can’t we reclaim it? And our great Indus Valley Civilization unfortunately situated in Pakistan, it is completely unfair to hand them all these beautiful archaeological sites they don’t identify with. We read everything from Indus Valley Civilization to Mughals to British in our history, this is what shapes our identity. How little is their history! The beautiful Jahangir tomb, which I cannot visit, remains isolated in my Mughal architecture exploring mission. Those are not monuments, they are shreds of our identity. Can we please exercise some extra-territorial jurisdiction here?
Now it is Ustad Amanat Ali Khan singing “Ye Arzoo thi tujhe gul ke rubaroo karte” (we need more stringent deterrents). Till last few years, we were all very happily living in our quarters of hatred. Then came social media and internet. Now these guys, we started talking with (except while an India-Pakistan cricket match), made sense. It was super strange to know that these were actually normal people with similar language and culture (except that they write karte as kartay). It is extremely shameful that I became friends with some of them due to similar interests in music, films, literature and peace. I even wore a Pakistani suit for Diwali last year. Contemporaneously there started this channel called Zindagi which was broadcasting Pakistani shows (and subsequent reruns). Now gharwale (gharwalay for Pakistanis) started watching them and were awed. These people are just like us. On being asked ki kaise (kaisay) ho? They reply theek-thaak. That was the era of increasing MU of peace.

Finally it is Ghulam Ali with his signature ghazal “Chupke Chupke Raat Din” by Hasrat Mohani. Hasrat Mohani was a member of the Constituent Assembly of India. It is his apmaan to leta Pakistani singer sing his writings. These Pakistani artists can’t stop coming to India to drain our economy and we are such large-hearted social-service doers. Now that we have distributed our alms and had the sawab, let us oust them till the next season of Coke Studio (Pakistan, of course). Plus our perpetually unemployed hulla-gulla boys from Shiv Sena, RSS and MNS are having their brief headline mongering phase. Let us not steal their thunder! Also the instances of anti-nationalness listed here are indicative and not exhaustive. About division, we have to start with the Ganga-jamuni tehzeeb. We have to see there is no household in Pakistan dancing on Bollywood songs at weddings. I sincerely hope that our very brave government will accept my suggestive measures for cultural division of India and Pakistan and show that we are beyond stopping playing cricket. Also congratulations to the country for standing united in the times of jingoistic bhangra!

via Shraddha Upadhyay

Twitter : @shraddha48 

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پی ایس-127 ایک تجزیه ———-احمد اشفاق

میں یه سمجھنے سے قاصر ھوں که متحده کے ھمدرد آج کی شکست پر حقیقی کے رویے سے مایوس کیوں ھیں کیوں اس بات کا رونا رو رھے ھیں که اپنوں نے اپنوں کو ڈبو دیا- ایک دوسرے کو اپنا مانا ھی کب ھے جو آج افسوس کیا جاے- حقیقی نے وهی کیا جو وه ھمیشه کرتی تھی, جو آپ اور وه ایک دوسرے کے ساتھ ھمیشه سے کرتے آے ھیں, جس کا زور جب کبھی چلا اس نے دوسروے کو ناکوں چنے چبواے ھیں-

یه بھی سمجھ سے بالاتر ھے که پی پی کی جیت پر یه انصافی اور جماعتی کیوں اتنا ٹھمک رھے ھیں,ان کو خوشی چچا کے جیتنے کی زیاده ھے یا ابو کے ھارنے کا غم بڑا ھے-یقین کیجیے که ان کا حال بھی شیخ رشید جیسا ھے جو خود کچھ کر نھیں سکتے سو دوسروں کے آسرے په سیاست کرتے ھیں(مثال تو کوی اور دینا چاه رھا تھا لیکن تھذیب کا دامن نھیں چھوڑ سکتا)-

ایم کیو ایم کی آج کی شکست کے بے شمار اسباب ھو سکتے ھیں اور ھیں بھی لیکن ان میں پڑنے کے بجاے مثبت چیزوں کو دیکھیے- کس جماعت میں اتنے مخلص کارکن ھوں گے جو لاٹھی, ڈنڈے اور گولی کھا کر بھی ٹس سے مس نه ھوں, کیمپ اکھاڑ دیے جایں تو فٹ پاتھ په دکان لگا کر کام شروع کردیں, گرفتار کر لیے جایں پھر بھی اپنا سبسٹیوٹ ارینج کر کے دیں-ماں بھنوں کی عزت کی رکھوالی جان پر کھیل کر کریں- یه لوگ ایم کیو ایم کا نھیں بلکه اس ملک کا اثاثه ھیں- جس ملک میں اتنا با شعور سیاسی کارکن ھو اس ملک کا مستقبل روشن ھے- کسی اور جماعت میں اتنے منظم اور محنتی لوگ ملنا نھایت ھی مشکل ھے-دفاتر مسمار, قیادت پریشان , حالات گمبھیر , پولنگ ایجنٹس کی قلت , سامنے اسلحه بردار مخالف اور پوری ریاستی مشینری ,اس کے بعد بھی ووٹرز کا نکلنا اور اپنی پارٹی کو فتح کے اتنے قریب لا کھڑا کرنا اس بات کی دلیل ھے کے یه قوم بیدار ھے – 

آج کے الیکشن نے ایک بات ثابت کردی اور وه یه که ایم کیو ایم ختم تو کسی صورت نھیں ھوگی,  وه مضبوط ھوگی , بڑی ھوگی , بهتر ھوگی, سنورے گی نکھرے گی اور ڈٹ کے مقابله کرے گی, انتظار کیجیے 2018 کے عام انتخابات کا تب ھی آپ کی تشفی ھوگی اور تب ھی أپ کے تعزیے ٹھنڈے ھوں گے اور تب ھی آپ کو یقین آے گا که ایم کیو ایم ایک نظریه ھے جو یونٹ سیکٹر گرا کے ختم نھیں ھوگا, وه ختم ھوگا محرومیاں ختم کرنے سے, زیادتیاں ختم کرنے سے- اگر آپ نے ایسا کیا ھوتا تو آج الطاف حسین کا کوی نام لیوا نھیں ھوتا لیکن تعجب ھے که وه آج بھی اپنے لوگوں کے لیے ایکسیپٹبل ھیں, اپنے تمام تر غیر زمه دارانه بیانات کے بعد بھی اپنے لوگوں کیلیے قابل قبول ھیں اور یه ایک سوالیه نشان ھے که آخر ایسا کیوں ھے که مقامی قیادت جس آدمی کا نام تک نه لیتی ھو,جو ملک دشمن ھو , جو راء ایجنٹ ھو, وه خاموش بیٹھ کر بھی اتنا طاقتور ھے کے آج بھی ووٹ اسی کے نام په پڑا ھے اور آج کے بعد بھی اسی کے نام پر پڑے گا —

جو ایم کیو ایم کی ھار کو ایم کیو ایم کا خاتمه سمجھ رھے ھیں ان کے پاس وقت ھے که خود کو ایم کیو ایم سے اچھا ثابت کریں, باتیں نه کریں, گری ھوی گاے پر نه کودیں بلکه کچھ کر کے دکھایں اور ایم کیو ایم کو اب وهی محنت کرنی ھوگی جو اپنے قیام کے وقت کی تھی, روٹھوں کو منانا ھوگا, دل صاف کرنے ھوں گے, غلطیوں سے سیکھنا ھوگا اور اپنوں کا ساتھ دینا ھوگا- رھی بات ووٹرز کی تو جس نے ایم کیو ایم کو ووٹ دینا ھے وه اس شکست کو انا کا مسله بناے گا اور آنے والے وقت میں اپنے عمل سے دکھاے گا که :

مانا نھیں ھے ھم نے غلط بندوبست کو
ھم نے شکست دی ھے ھمیشه شکست کو
(جون ایلیا)

احمد اشفاق

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First National Anthem

Pakistan’s First National Anthem
Commissioned by Mohammad Ali Jinnah
Written by Jagan Nath Azad
Translation: Shoaib Nir


O, Land of the Pure

The grains of your soil are glowing today
Brighter than the stars and the Milky Way
Awe-struck is the enemy by your will-power
Open wounds are sewn, we’ve found a cure

O, Land of the Pure…

New paths of progress, we resolve to tread
Proudly, our nation stands with a high head
Our flag is aflutter above the moon and the stars
As planets look up to us be it Mercury or Mars
No harm will now come from anywhere, for sure

O, Land of the Pure…

The nation has tasted success at last
Now the Freedom Struggle is a thing of the past
The wealth of our country knows no bounds
For us are its benefits and bounty all around
Of East and West, we have no fear

O, Land of the Pure…

Change has become the order of the day
No-one is a slave in the nation today
On the road to progress, we’re swiftly going along
Independent and fortunate, happy as a song
Gloomy winds are gone, sweet freedom’s in the air

O, Land of the Pure…

The grains of your soil are glowing today
Brighter than the stars and the Milky Way


پاکستان کا پہلا قومی ترانہ “جگن ناتھ آزاد” نے! محمد علی جناح کے حکم کی تعمیل کرتے ہوئے لکھا جو قریبا ڈیڑھ سال تک سماعت ہوتا رہا، پھر اس ترانے کو اسلئے مسترد کیا گیا کہ جگن ناتھ آزاد ہندو تھے

پہلا قومی ترانہ آپ کی خدمت میں پیش ھے

اے سرزمینِ پاک !
ذرے تیرے ہیں آج ستاروں سے تابناک
روشن ہے کہکشاں سے کہیں آج تیری خاک
تندیِ حاسداں پہ ہے غالب تیرا سواک
دامن وہ سل گیا ہے جو تھا مدتوں سے چاک
اے سرزمینِ پاک!

اب اپنے عزم کو ہے نیا راستہ پسند
اپنا وطن ہے آج زمانے میں سربلند
پہنچا سکے گا اسکو نہ کوئی بھی اب گزند
اپنا عَلم ہے چاند ستاروں سے بھی بلند
اب ہم کو دیکھتے ہیں عطارد ہو یا سماک
اے سرزمینِ پاک!

اترا ہے امتحاں میں وطن آج کامیاب
اب حریت کی زلف نہیں محو پیچ و تاب
دولت ہے اپنے ملک کی بے حد و بے حساب
ہوں گے ہم اپنے ملک کی دولت سے فیضیاب
مغرب سے ہم کو خوف نہ مشرق سے ہم کو باک
اے سرزمینِ پاک!

اپنے وطن کا آج بدلنے لگا نظام
اپنے وطن میں آج نہیں ہے کوئی غلام
اپنا وطن ہے راہ ترقی پہ تیزگام
آزاد، بامراد، جواں بخت شادکام
اب عطر بیز ہیں جو ہوائیں تھیں زہرناک
اے سرزمینِ پاک!

ذرے تیرے ہیں آج ستاروں سے تابناک
روشن ہے کہکشاں سے کہیں آج تیری خاک
اے سرزمینِ پاک!

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تم سے نہ ہو پائے گا – احمد اشفاق

“تم سے نه ھو پاے گا”

مراد علی شاه صاحب کراچی شھر کے ھنگامی دورے کرتے نظر آرھے ھیں, بارش میں بھاگ دوڑ ھو , کچرا ٹھکانے لگانے کی دوڑ دھوپ ھو یا افسران کی سرزنش ھو, گاڑی رکوا کر راهگیر کی خبر گیری ھو یا عام مقام په طعام کرنا, وه یه تمام کام کر رھے ھیں- یوں محسوس ھوتا ھے که وه سب کام جو مصطفی کمال نے ایم کیو ایم کے پلیٹ فارم سے کیے اب وھی کام مراد شاه وزیر اعلی کے طور پر کر رھے ھیں یا کرنا چاھتے ھیں- مراد صاحب آپ کا عزم قابل تعریف ھے لیکن اگر آپ یه تمام اختیارات عوامی نمائندوں کو دے دیں تو آپ اس خواری سے بچ جائیں گے اور کام بھی سھولت سے ھوگا

خود کو مصطفیٰ کمال نه سمجھیں,,,,مصطفی کمال ایک شھر کے ناظم تھے اور آپ کی زمه داری پورا صوبه ھے–  کمال کے ساتھ ایم کیو ایم کے لاتعداد یوسی ناظمین, کونسلرز , ورکرز اور 14 منتخب ٹاون ناظمین تھے جو اپنی قوم کیلیے اور الطاف حسین کے نام پر دن رات ایک ٹانگ پر کھڑے ره کر کام کرتے تھے- کمال کے پاس الطاف حسین جیسا لیڈر تھا جو ھر کام کو مانیٹر کیا کرتا تھا, نه کرپشن برداشت کرتا تھا نه کرنے دیتا تھا- اسی وجه سے تین سو ارب کے پروجیکٹس میں کوی کرپشن نھیں ھوی جس کا اعتراف خود کمال صاحب نے کیا —

مراد صاحب آپ کے وزرا اور بیروکریسی کرپشن کیلیے بدنام ھیں اور  آپ کے قائد کی ساکھ بھی ساس معاملے میں اچھی نھیں ھے- نه آپ کے پاس الطاف حسین جیسا لیڈر ھے اور نه ان 14 ناظمین جیسے منتخب نمایندے جو بے لوثی سے شھر کی خدمت کریں— نه گھر بار دیکھیں نه زاتی کام کاج, نه صبح کا ھوش ھو نه رات کی خبر-آپ کے ارادے سو فیصدی نیک ھوں گے لیکن  اپنے ارادوں کی تکمیل کے واسطے ایسے لوگ تو لے کر آیے – ایسا وژنری لیڈر تو لایے—-

آپ صرف کراچی کے وزیر اعلی نھیں پورے سندھ کے چیف ھیں, یه دورے پورے سندھ میں کیجیے اس امپریشن کو رد کیجیے که دیھی سندھ نیگلیکٹڈ ٹیریٹری ھے – مقامی حکومت کو اختیار تو دیجیے اور پھر دیکھیے بلا تفریق شھر کی خدمت کیسے کی جاتی ھے – یه خدمت اور محنت جس کا کام ھے اسے کرنے دیجیے —

بقول حضرت رمادھیر سنگھ : “تم سے نه ھو پاے گا”

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