The Legend… Amir Zaki 

It was 2005 I alongwith a group of friends went to visit NAPA, Khi. While we walked inside a BMW entered through the gates. It was AmirZaki

We all were awe struck of AmirZaki‘s personality, he had something! We all gathered for autograph and he happily agreed.

Yesterday AmirZaki‘s death news came as a shock to me, but more shocking was and is to see how now people are cashing his name.

Most of the music fraternity, critics, his friends, etc knew AmirZaki was suffering from depression, needs financial help …

While most of them chose to write about him and his sad state once after it was over for him… why is everyone remembering AmirZaki now?

Why they couldn’t raise their voices for him before? If writing articles abt him now and exposing his reality to the world is now important to you? Why did you remain silent before? Why couldn’t the industry help him before he was gone?

“Ab sab ko yaad agaya hai kay AmirZaki legend thay

Most of you now are cashing in the name AmirZaki was, after his death… showing how a piece of him you knew, you had… for your own gains.
Written by Aisha (@HariMirchein)


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