My name is IMRAN & i am an IDIOT

The country has seen numerous idiots making it to the mainstream, be it actresses like Mathira or late Qandeel, anchors like Kiran Aftab or Neelam Aslam, Singers like Taher Shah or Rabi Pirzada , entertainers like Amir Liaquat or Bilal Qutub, politicians like Talal Chaudhry, Naeem ul Haq or Danial Aziz and pseudo journalists like Meher Abbasi or Mubashir Lucman. Its unfortunate to say so that an ex cricketer has earned a towering name in being an idiot and has some how made it to the mainstream politics.He ridicules everyone but ridicules him self more than anyone else.

All these people,with all their dumbness and idiocy combined cannot match even half the idiocy ,impatience, senselessness ,immaturity, stupidity and absurdity of The Great Imran Khan !! 
Just today,this idiot appears on our television screens and starts criticizing the judiciary on a sub judice matter,not only does he raise questions but also tries to dictate the judiciary on what should be done.This is the finest example of a dictatorial attitude. Imagine what this drug addict would do when he comes into power. He wants control over the judiciary too, I mean seriously ? 
Just when his people needed him the most and he should have been with them on the roads , he was having fun in his house with his party leadership. His workers were being arrested, beaten and tortured throughout the day. He kept quite for the entire day and appeared on TV at around 5pm. He spoke to the media , cursed Nawaz and his administration,dictated the honorable judges, refused to join Shaikh Rahseed’s gathering and said that we are looking forward to Nov the 2nd, that’s when we will demonstrate our strength. It looks more like a plan and he looks more like a party to it.
When a female reporter from Geo , told him about how his men treated her and slapped the cameraman, he was laughing at her helplessness and told her to raise their reporting standards. He meant that if you don’t report in my favor and if you fail to project me as a real leader, you’d see the consequences. Isn’t it an indication that his tigers may turn violent if ordered? and we all know how his tigers treat women, perhaps they follow the leader in every walk of life.
Imran, knows that he will be rejected in the coming elections and that is why he cannot wait for it and wants some backdoor solution where he could come into power and throw this current regime away. He wants people to be detained and killed. Just a few days ago he said that I will try to contain the amount of casualties during our movement, it is evident that he doesn’t mind people getting killed, he rather wants it. And you still consider him a leader , a Savior ??? I consider it to be the height of idiocy and this man as the greatest idiot this world has ever seen. 
The most incompetent, corrupt, sluggish and inefficient government is that of Nawaz Sharif, but trust me if this drug addict comes into power you’d start comparing him with Pharaoh, Namrood and the rest of the worst rulers !!! Trust me Nawaz Sharif is a lesser of an evil as compared to this maniac !!!
Ahmed Ashfaq.


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